Austin City Limits

~Alright, Alright, Alright~

Austin is such an amazing city! With so much to do it seems impossible to find where you should even begin your exploring. There are so many opportunities to socialize and create, especially if you enjoy live music. So I figured why not start with one of the bigger live music events this city has to offer?

Austin City Limits music festival draws people from all around the globe to see some of the world’s most renowned artists perform. The line up this year (2018) included names such as Paul McCartney, Travis Scott, Metallica, Odezsa and Arctic Monkeys. Childish Gambino was scheduled to perform but canceled last minute due to what I believe was a foot injury. Luckily Lil Wayne, who seems to be chilling in Texas as of late, was able to fill in for Childish. I’m talking this line up was STACKED!

ACL began in 2002 and has been an integral part of life in the city. Think of it as California’s equivalent to Coachella. It promotes local business, networking and celebrating music all the while partying your face off! What more could you ask for? It is just as much for the locals as it is to draw people from all over the world into the city. There are local vendors and organizations at the event promoting a better Austin such as Austin Music Foundation, Austin Allies, Central Texas Food Bank and many more. You can find more information about these organizations here. There is no limit to how you can attend this festival. They accept volunteers pretty early on and need as much help as they can get to make the event run smoothly. So, if you are interested in helping out at the festival definitely look into the volunteer opportunities that are available.


If you know the ropes you can manage to get into the festival for pretty cheap. Both of the years I have attended ACL I haven’t paid a penny for a ticket to enter the gates. The first year was out of shear luck that a friend of mine had and extra wristband, but this year I was lucky enough to be able to work the festival. I helped out at Blenders and Bowls tent, a local acai company, where I created the yummy fresh fruit bowls that they served while at ACL. Being behind the line with all of the employees is just as much fun, if not more, as being out on the grounds roaming around with all the attendees. The employees are all there to have fun, and that includes having plenty of beer to drink while at the festivel, trading food between the vendors and shouting chants/songs while working to pass the time in between breaks. The best part about it was we were able to go see our favorite acts whenever we needed a break. Who doesn’t want to get paid to see Metallica right?!?

Fashion is another wonderful side effect of attending ACL. You will see plenty of people out at Zilker Park dressed to the nines, sporting their best festival attire. There’s entire blogs dedicated just to the outfits people wear. That’s how awesome they are. You will see anything from spice girls attire to insanely grunge groups, and even some naked people if I am being entirely honest. The people that attend the festivals are sometimes even more entertaining than the acts on stage. It is a part of what makes this festivals culture so great! You can check out some of the outfits at austin360’s Instagram page. My one piece of advice when it comes to dress at a festival is to DEFINITELY wear closed toed shoes. You will get stepped on or you will step on (or in) something you don’t want to. Partying is a messy thing my friends.

This year was my second year in attendance and in just the past year the festival has grown. There were double the amount of stages making it possible to see all of the artists on your list. If you are planning on attending this festival I would suggest going sooner rather than later. The popularity is only growing which means it is getting more crowded every that goes by. So if you want to experience that joys of ACL festival, I hope to see you in Austin next October!

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