Brunch Brunch Brunch

Let’s talk about everyone’s FAVORITE meal!!!

Austin has some amazing brunch spots. It doesn’t matter what corner of the city you are in you will always have a variety of tasty treats to choose from. Especially when it comes to your brunching needs. From everyone’s usual tex-mex to some the fancy foods that no one can pronounce, Austin will have a restaurant that provides quality food to you.

I live in the South East part of the city so I have brunched at many places on the “East” side. A little about the East side: it still has the authentic Austin feel (even though the gentrification is happening faster that you can say fake news) and you are able to catch a glimpse of what Austin was like before all of the Californian’s started moving in (lol). It has definitely become my favorite part of the city over the past few years.

The restaurant scene on this side of Austin is pretty killer.

The Launderette 

The Launderette is one of Austin’s hidden gems. It is tucked away on Holly St. in a small neighborhood on the East Side with no other shops around so it stands on it’s own. They have the most amazing brunch I have had in Austin to date. Their foods are full of amazing flavors that you would not necessarily have believed they go together, but compliment each other so well. The other great thing about this place is their ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Who doesn’t love a morning mimosa? The bartenders at Launderette make the perfect mimosas with lots of champagne and just a splash of orange juice.

The ambiance at Launderette is great, it’s a super cute open space with a bar top being the main focal point. The tables are all along the side of the main dining room and on the front patio. They are not very far apart so you will definitely have a chance to get to know your neighbors while you are munchin’ on your brunch.  Not to mention they have the cleanest restrooms I have ever been in (the toilets smell like lavender, WHAT)!!!

So if you do find yourself lost on the east side and in the mood for some brunchin’, Lauderette is a wonderful place to get rid of that mid-morning hanger.

Downtown Austin is even more competitive when it comes to the brunch scene

Old Pecan Street Cafe


The Old Pecan Street Cafe was a restaurant I wondered into while attending the Old Pecan Street Festival. It only seemed fitting to grab a table! The staff was very helpful and always had your drinks filled to the brim. I am a sucker for poached eggs and the poached eggs here are THE BOMB!!!! I always get there smoked salmon bennies which have English muffins as the base, salmon underneath the poached eggs and holandaise sauce smothered on top. OMG my mouth is watering just typing about this plate. They also have an amazing french toast that is gigantic and will give you that sugar fix you need to make it through the day. I definitely recommend this place for a more intimate brunch date. It is a very low lit dining area with formal table cloths and booths to keep a couple comfy and cozy together while they enjoy their breakfast. ❤ ❤


These are only two of the many amazing places that are serving up brunch and making Sunday morning’s that much better. Some of the other restaurants I would recommend you check out are Juan in a Million, Counter Cafe, and Mozart’s Coffee Roasters.


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